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Type: Fish

Stars are an in-game currency in Seashine as well as an element of gameplay.


Stars are collectible glowing starfishes that have multiple functions. To collect one, you simply swim and bump into it.

If the player has enough stars, he can use one by clicking the star icon in-game or by douple tapping anywhere on the screen. Using a star gives an instant boost of Light.

Stars can also be used to unlock Abilities. Once an ability is unlocked and placed in a combo slot, it will activate everytime the player uses a star. The effects is added to the standard light boost.

Stars can be either collected in-game, bought on the Store, earned by watching video ads, or earned with other forms of rewarded actions.


Stars spawn everywhere. As Difficulty increases, stars appear more often, and it can spawn between groups of 1-3.


  • Glow-in-the-dark self adhesive stars inspired the creator of the game.
  • You are unable to collect stars if a parasite is attached to the area that you tried bumping into the star with.

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