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Type: Jellyfish

The Rimakopi is one of the playable jellyfish in Seashine.


The Rimakopi has an average size body. It has thin purple tentacles each ending with a small excrescence. Its semi-transparent hood emits a bright blue light and reveals some sort of pink brain inside the jellyfish.

The Rimakopi is a good alternative to the Karumoana jellyfish. It is better than the average in every domain except physical damage resistance. Players able to easily dodge predators and damaging obstacles and looking for a good compromise should favor this jellyfish.

Behind the Name[]

From the language of the Ancients, Rimakopi can be translated to "fragile arms". Rima means "arms" and kopi means "fragile".

Price and availability[]

The Rimakopi is available from the start of the game for an unlock price of 160 stars.


Size Speed Resistance Brightness Lifetime
0 +0.1 -0.68 -0.5 +0.6

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