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"Parasitic worm feeding on your light. Get rid of it with crystals or with the Antiparasite ability."

- Encyclopedia Description

Type: Annelids

The Parakuka is a small parasitic worm.

Appearance[ | ]

The Parakuka is a violet-colored, blob-like worm. Its extremities consist of a small mouth on one side and a bioluminescent excrescence on the other side.

The small, circular shape of its mouth has significant suction strength, allowing it to adhere to other surfaces without letting go.

Spawning[ | ]

The Parakuka is a common creature spawning mostly in the Iatuku, Kuiti, and Pokapango biomes.

Behavior[ | ]

In-game Parakuka

The Parakuka wiggles through the water at an extremely slow speed, always ignorant of other fauna besides Jellyfish. If it detects one, it will pursue it until it gets far enough away.

On contact, the Parakuka will attach itself to the Jellyfish's body. While attached, it will increase the draining speed of the Jellyfish's light while slowing it down at the same time. Multiple Parakuka can attach themselves to a single Jellyfish, stacking up the aforementioned effects in turn.

The only way to get them off is to either touch a nearby crystal or use the Antiparasite ability. In either case, the Parakuka will detach and become paralyzed for 3 seconds.

Behind the name[ | ]

In the language of The Ancients, Parakuka means "parasite".

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Parakuka is the only creature capable of attacking the Jellyfish whilst in a Humenganui.
  • Unlike most fauna, the Parakuka is unable to be killed, and all creatures won't interact with it.
  • It's one of the few fauna capable of using status effects on the Jellyfish. The others include any organism that uses Poison.

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