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Type: Annelids

The Parakuka is a small parasitic worm.


The Parakuka is a blob like worm. Its extremeties consist of a small mouth on one side and a bioluminescent excrescence on the other side.

The small cicular shape of its mouth allow a significant suction effect allowing an adhesion on any soft surface.


Relativly slow, it moves by wiggling its entire body.

The Parakuka feeds on its host, depleting the host's energy. If it sticks to you, your jellyfish will see its light deplete faster and its speed decrease.

Several of these worms can be attached to your jellyfish's body at the same time, adding to the light depletion and speed penalties.

To get rid of any Parakuka, touch a crystal or use the Antiparasite ability.


The Parakuka is a common creature spawning mostly in the Iatuku, Kuiti, and Pokapango biomes.

Behind the name[]

In the language of The Ancients, Parakuka means "parasite".

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