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Big fish

Type: Fish

The Mutamara is one of the giant creatures in Seashine. It dominates the food chain with other upcoming giants.


Its bite means instant death for the player and for any unlucky creature present during its attack.

The Mutamara will kill anything in front of it (besides the Parakuka) and for this reason it can be a useful ally to get rid of dangerous stalkers. The Mutamara is A curious creature. It has earned this title because it only comes when you are within medium-large empty zones (mostly in cave catacombs). And even then there are ways you can dodge it.

Its reactivity increases with Difficulty.


The Mutamara appears in closed and medium to large size dark areas. It appears when you / the player are standing still and attacks at random intervals. A low musical note announces its arrival momentarily before the lethal bite.

When attacking a Lunges out of the darkness in whatever direction the play was going when the attack was triggered and chomps down on whatever's in front of it, then returns back into the dark.


The Mutamara's body is Long and resembles an ell, but that part is hidden in darkness and not meant to be seen by the play meaning it may just be a placeholder for where the body would be. Its eyes black are located in 2 indents in the Mutamaras head. The teeth of the Mutamara Are needle-like and crooked. It appears to have 2 tall but slim fins located near the back of its head.


  • The model for the Mutamara seems to be a sort of giant eel.
  • It is the only creature who survived the early development stage of the game. But it was modified a few months before release with higher detail.
  • The Mutamara appears in both Seashine trailers as the final scene by appearing out of the darkness and trying to eat the player
  • The Mutamara is one of the only creatures in Seashine with no bioluminescent parts

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