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Type: Fish

The Matakohatu is one of the secret Fish of Seashine. Humans call it a Dunkleosteus.


The Matakohatu is one of 3 secret fish in Seashine. It cannot be encountered unless you find its Kohatora and from there unlock it with Stars. It eats all predators but wont eat you.

You can use this to your advantage and lead the predator to the Matakohatu so it swims away or gets eaten.


The Matakohatu is a Dunkloestues, a long extinct aquatic predator. While Seashine's version isnt too different, There are some differences. For example,

the Dunkleostues's eyes weren't big and almost certainly not bioluminescent unlike Seashine version.


The Matakohatu spawns in the Kore biome. It only spawns once you find 3 Matakohatu Kohatora in some Sanctuarys and from there unlocking it with stars in the Discoveries menu.

The chances of it spawning even after all that are rare.

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