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Type: Fish

The Mapura is one of the edible organisms in Seashine.


The Mapura, also called "bulb fish", is one of the smallest fish in the game. It looks like a tiny light bulb with fins.

Its big (compared to its body size) black eyes are visible entirely through its transparent bioluminescent body.


The Mapura is one of the few fishes swimming with a discontinuous movement. Its reactivity and ability to escape increase with the difficulty.

Eating a Mapura will restore a small amount of your light.


It appears in almost every biome at any time in the game. It is the most common fish of Seashine.

Behind the name[]

In the language of The Ancients, Mapura means "spark".


  • The fish was re-designed in 2016. The original version of the Mapura is still visible in the tutorial. In 2018, an update was released and it changed the appearance in game of the Mapura. This is not because it was re-designed, but because the way light behaves in Seashine changed and made the body more transparent and the light it emits less bright.

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