Seashine Wiki

This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Seashine. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[ | ]

Your goal is to discover and thrive. Your light will deplete once you leave the nursery. Catalog both friendly and formidable fish and several flora. There are many hidden secrets too.

Controls[ | ]

Use your finger to swipe in the direction you want to go. Double tap to use a star and gain an energy boost.

Tips and tricks[ | ]

  • Move quickly through medium open spaces, if you linger too long in one spot the Mutamara will appear.
  • Explore the Kore for stars, but if you have 50 or more points, you should go strait to the other side or risk being eaten by large fish faster than you. Fish from the Kore will not follow you into the caves and vice versa. If you swim down in the Kore you will eventually circle around to where you started. Often there is a crystal by or in the void entrance.
  • Always pop planterns. It's free points!
  • The falling-rock biome is your friend: predators will not follow you into this biome, there are often crystals inside passages or on the occasional rocks, and there is food.
  • There are often stars in Nogohika passages and the fish is easy to dodge, however, it will kill you in one bite. Sometimes there are stars above the fish's spawn.
  • Its recommended to swim into vents if you are yet to complete the encyclopedia, as it might take you to a Sanctuary entrance. It might also take you to a Nogohika passage so be ready.
  • If you see several pushable rocks and a vent nearby that you can't swim into, that's probably the entrance a Sanctuary.
  • Usually it is only the mouth of the fish that can hurt you.
  • The jelly you start with is very capable, but Manawanu and Rimakopi jellyfish are subjectively the best for their speed and long life. It doesn't matter much if it's big or bright if that means allowing the predator to be faster than you.
  • Parakuka detach if you touch a crystal.
  • Sometimes when you backtrack the passageway will turn into something you didn't pass through, but most of the time it will just have a rock in the way.
  • It's okay to use stars for health and abilities if you're above 100 points.
  • There are many unlisted organisms and mysterious interactions in this game (eg. the curious submarine).
  • Use a circle motion to halt the momentum of large fish, they turn slower than you.
  • If you disturb the Kutukara, swim to the bottom of it's lair, it can't touch the bottom.