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Type: Reptiles

The Honumara is one of the secret animals in Seashine. You need to find at least one of its Kohatora to unlock it with stars.


The Honumara is a giant and slow sea turtle with a bright bioluminescent shell. The bioluminescent bacterias on the Honumara's shell attract very small preys and small mollusks that the turtle can eat.

Some specimens can stay without taking a breath for several days up to a month. The Honumara slows down its metabolism with the help of the cold ocean water surrounding it, allowing the turtle to slowly reach depths usually hostile to this kind of creature.

Touching the turtle's shell will restore your light.

Behind the name[]

In the language of The Ancients, Honumara means "turtle of light". The word is a combination of honu, which means turtle, and mara, which means light.


Once unlocked, a single specimen can spawn early in a game in the Kore biome.


  • The turtle was originally designed with crystals on the top of its shell. But in a lack of time its design was simplified to a bioluminescent shell.

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