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Type: Fish

The Anahera is one of the secret animals in Seashine. You need to find at least one of its Kohatora to unlock it with stars.


The Anahera is a giant ray. Its body is almost transparent and emits a diffuse light. It swims peacefully unless it detects a potential predator.

Touching the ray's skin will restore your light. A good practice is to swim near the Anahera and make the ray go in the same direction as you when you share a common predator. Like this you can replenish your light on the bioluminescent ray and escape at the same time.

The sting will not hurt you.

Behind the name[]

In the language of The Ancients, Anahera means "angel".


Once unlocked, a single specimen can spawn in the Kore biome.


  • If you look closely, you can see the Anahera's heart beating.

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